«VBC - God's Word For All», was established by Jan Hanvold in 1989 with a sub-department named «VBC Aid». The vision was to spread the word of God and also contribute with food, clothing, medicine, financial support and Christian literature to the worn out and poor in Eastern Europe. Jan Hanvold has been working in Eastern Europe since the late 1970s.

The work has grown steadily for several years. VBC sends around 30 aid shipments a year to Estonia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Albania and Africa. There are over two consignments every month.

Vision Norway with its emergency and mission work is located next to our TV station in Drammen. This work is possible because of our faithful viewers throughout Scandinavia. Also, «VBC Emergency Services» want more hubs around Norway in order to collect items to people in need.

Get in touch and tell us how you can contribute to help the needy. We have based our aid on what is stated in Matthew 25,35-36:

"I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after Me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. "



We need your support

Do you have clothes, shoes, toys, household items or other things you want to give away? See all our aid stations on the map below. Call us to arrange delivery.



The countries and areas where we serve



We have shipped supplies on a regular basis since year 2000 to Moldova and to Pastor Doru Cirdei.

Pastor Doru runs a large church, Bible school, supplements, dressmaking and a children's village named «Bethany Christian Center». Earlier there was a small Russian summer school with ten similar houses outside the capital, Chisinau. This old Russian summer school has been transformed into a children's village. There are 120 children with 12 children in each house. The children have a mother and a father through people who volunteer, men and women in the congregation of Doru. They have dedicated their lives to support orphaned street children to a better life. The children get care, love and attention. In that way they can become useful citizens of society. Vision Norway has contributed with financial assistance in order to build schools and repairing houses at «Bethany Christian Center».



Inga and Paata are our contacts in Georgia. They were saved in 1992 in a service with Jan Hanvold and VBC in Tver. The latter is located around fifteen miles north of Moscow. Inga and Paata are half-Georgian and Russian. In their hearts they knew that they would return back to Georgia and work with street children. Vision Norway has helped them to launch the work. Since 2005 we have shipped around two containers of food and clothing each year. Inga and Paata use their church in Tbilisi where Mamuka is a pastor as a base for their work.

Vision Norway has funded the new congregation, but its capacity is already too small. We have also contributed with things like showers, toilets, dining rooms and district heating at the orphanage in Tbilisi.

We provide financial support every month to the orphanage. This financial support gives them the opportunity to have four departments that distribute soup.

Inga and Paata are present in Tbilisi daily to ensure that the children receive food, clothing and that they attend school. The other departments distributing soup are located in Zugdidi (on the border to Abkashia), Bathumi (on the border to Turkey) and Gori, which was bombed when a war broke out in the autumn of 2008.




We have a good relationship with pastor Jimmy (Dimitar Luchev), who runs a great church in Stara Zagara.

The city is around three hours drive east of Sofia. They minister a lot among gypsies and have weekly meetings and relief work among the gypsy churches throughout Bulgaria. Pastor Jimmy is the main coordinator for about 600 gypsy churches. Our work with Pastor Jimmy is a great blessing for the poor in Bulgaria.





Our main contact in Estonia is Anatoly Plyushko. He is a terrestrial and gracious man. Our cooperation has been going on for over 20 years. He runs soup stations, a leisure center and helps expelled and stateless Russians in the area around the Russian border in Estonia.

Every month we send food, clothes and miscellaneous equipment that benefit the poor. We also have a good cooperation with Pastor Maksim in Sillamä. He runs a small church there. Vision Norway has funded the church building. They expand and do amazing work with their soup stations and by helping people with major disability problems. Most of the wheelchairs, hospital beds and other equipment are distributed to Sillamä.




Missionary Unni Thorsen launched a ministry in Shkodr for about 10 years ago. She had only been saved for three years when she was given the call to serve in Shkodr.

She eventually brought in pastor Koli Puka. He and Unni run the church and help the poor in a dominant Muslim area. Every month they report that the work is growing and that people receive Jesus.






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